Atlantic Pacific Agencies

Sourcing & Procurement Specialists




Atlantic Pacific Agencies assists with the locating and vetting of multiple suppliers for various goods and services.


Our goal is to continuously focus on finding and maintaining relationships with reliable, affordable and quality suppliers based throughout the world.



Once suppliers have been sourced, our team of specialists then review and compare suppliers based on various factors such as location, price, quality, minimum order quantities and expected lead time.

Our local presence at source ensures direct, secure payment to suppliers and timeous delivery of products to our consumers.



Atlantic Pacific Agencies works closely with world renowned supply chain and logistics specialists to manage and control all the inter-connected activities from manufacturer to point-of-consumption, this includes the transportation, storage and import/export documentation required for efficient customs clearing.

This enables us to offer a one stop service ensuring effective cost reductions.



Atlantic Pacific Agencies Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, has a unique and elaborate network throughout Asia, Europe, United States and Africa. It’s strategic global partnerships and associations enable the continuous improvement and re-evaluation of the purchasing activities of a company. Our team of sourcing, procurement and logistics specialists have years of experience in developing and improving international purchasing strategies to support a growing globalisation process. 

The aim is to assist customers with procuring products at a reduced cost, while improving quality and timeous delivery. By doing this, we enable clients to improve their cash flow, reduce inventory cycle times and increase their responsiveness to their customers.



Hand on Laptop


Atlantic Pacific Agencies successfully procured a sophisticated facial recognition system which is able to recognise faces, read and record body temperature and seamlessly integrate data into most Human Resource systems. The device was sourced in China, ensuring high quality and affordable products, and shipped to Australia and various countries in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Medical Professional


During the early onset of COVID-19, Atlantic Pacific Agencies procured high quality, 3Ply Disposable Surgical Face Masks from China. All the necessary certifications and approvals were obtained, and the products were transported to South Africa on priority airfreight due to the urgency of stock required. 



Amongst other Mining and Agriculture equipment and supplies, Atlantic Pacific Agencies successfully procured JCI Hopper Wheels and Axle Assemblies for the Mining and Agriculture industry. These casted products were sourced in China and imported into South Africa duty free. 

Image by Taylor Wilcox


Atlantic Pacific Agencies assisted in the sourcing and procurement of high quality, stainless steel kitchen and bathroom sinks. Based on quality, timing, shape and size requirements the best supplier was located in Holland and products efficiently brought into South Africa via ocean freight. We were also successfully issued a EUR 1 certificate, which allows for a reduced or nil rate of import duty under various trade agreements.